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15 juni Singer Songwriter PIP sings live on Metropole Terrace

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Pip is a 23-year-old singer-songwriter. Ever since before she could talk, she has been singing. Writing song required a little bit more knowledge of words and such, so that took her a little longer to figure out. Around the age of 11, after she started learning how to play the guitar, the first songs emerged. In 2014 she was a contestant in The Voice of Holland and she made it to the first liveshow.

What she really wanted to do was write and perform original music. So she released her first single in May 2015, followed up by her first EP in November 2015. In January 2017 she released a special single for het parents, who currently live in Uganda to do volunteer work and in June that year she released a new EP called 'Chapter One'. In September 2019 she will be releasing her new album. The first 2 singles 'Our Little Secret' and 'I Think I Don't' have already been released.

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Peter van Stralen
7 juni 2019

It may seem pretty cool to write your text in English, but perhaps it might be more polite to write it in ordinary Dutch, don’t you think?

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