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Aquaponics Series 1

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During my last post on MijnSpijkerkwartier I was looking for materials to build an aquaponic system at Dazo 125. But at the same time, I also miss a lot of information about how aquaponic systems can be useful to the neighborhood and its residents. So I decided to undergo a series or posts to further document the project advancements and aquaponic itself. 

Last post I described aquaponics as a combination of fish farming (the breeding of fish) and hydroponics (the cultivation of plants without soil), a system of fish and plants are combined; an integrated system.

But how is it relevant for individuals?

Aquaponics offers many advantages. Even if it is impossible to make an exhaustive list of all the benefits of aquaponics, I have tried to list the most important points for you.

  • Food independance 

Having your aquaponics system at home is starting to slowly break free from supermarkets and supermarket distribution in general.

  • Eat organic food

With aquaponics you can grow your vegetables, raise your fish organically at home and without adding fertilizers or chemicals. Bonus, every 6 to 8 months, you can also eat your own fish raised in absolutely perfect hygienic conditions.

  • Energy savings

In Aquaponie you save 95% or water compared to soil cultivation. The electrical consumption of an aquaponic system is about 1 € per month, but producing your food can save you a few hundred euros or food purchases every month.

  • Energy savings

Unlike traditional gardening, you don't have to bend over and mistreat your back because your plants grow at your height furthermore you don't have to plow or work the soil. Aquaponics is an activity for any ages!

So if you are interested in building your own DIY aquaponic system and start growing your own food, you can find me in Dazo and discuss more in details about your project.


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