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Student for Christmas dinner

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As you know, most non-European international students can't go home during Christmas holiday. 

That is why the HAN International Students Community organizes the "Christmas dinner" event, where Dutch people invite students to have dinner with their families during the Christmas holiday (23 Dec--7 Jan). The students will also prepare the special foods in their culture to share at the dinner, so that both parties can have cultural exchanges via the food. 

The members can tell us (student organization) their preference about the dinner time and number, nationality and gender of students to invite. Then we will make the best possible match of the students and families.

After this event, we can make bilateral media promotion: for Spijkerkwartier, this event indicates its members' humanistic care for lonely parties during Christmas and the openness for cultural exchange with various nationalities; while for our student community, this event is our starting point to engage with the local communities.

For more information and signing up: Yunfei Gu (western name Frederica) at (Frederica was our guest for a few months earlier this year). 

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